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Joseph Michael Shields, BSc

I’m a Release Engineer for Xamarin Inc (now at Microsoft, post acquisition).

If you feel you can pay better, and need a qualified geek, then you can take a peek at my Curriculum Vitae [pdf][odt][doc].

I can do Windows, Linux and Solaris, and I can do C#. I can do quite a few more languages than that, but those are the ones that will keep my sanity preserved as long as possible. Actually, I lie. I can’t use Solaris and remain sane.

As this site bears witness, I can do XHTML too, with some friendly assistance from Google.

I’m thirty years young, and married to a young lady named Fliss.

If you want to contact me, try directhex@apebox.org, or catch me on IRC – I frequent several places, notably #ubuntu-uk on Freenode.

I’m not the gamer I once was, but I still enjoy time spent on my Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and of course the PC.

I’ve written things before, which tend to get thrown up on HEXUS.net.

I’ve contributed the odd line of code to a couple of Free Software projects (Banshee and Mono notably), and spend plenty of time doing packaging-related tasks for Debian and Ubuntu

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