directhex-grub-themes 00000010 release announcement.

I’ve just made a new release of my GRUB2 gfxmenu themes. This time, there’s an Ubuntu Lucid theme. It looks like this:

Download it from here as always.

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  1. Can you please make a BURG version?
    since it has better theming


  2. @Akshat, No. I’m not interested in BURG – boot loaders are tricky things, and a 1-man team doesn’t strike me as the right place to put my trust. I’ll stick with the GNU boot loader, warts and all.

    You are, of course, welcome to do any porting work required, but I won’t be doing it.

  3. Nice! I think I’d like it a bit better without the grey squares with rounded corners behind the Ubuntu logos, but it’s still nice.

    Is the text at the bottom baked into the image, or displayed as text? I’m curious why “press ESC” is truncated after the “E”.

  4. Oh, wait, I had a brainfart. It *is* “e”, for editing the boot entry.

    I’d suggest ending the sentence with a period, so it won’t look truncated.

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  7. Directhex, Seriously impressed with these! Now.. once i get grub-efi working as i want; instant on Lucidness!

    Top work.

    Get it in a PPA 🙂

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