Linux packages, June 2015 edition

The latest stable release of Mono has happened, the first bugfix update to our 4.0 branch. Here are the release highlights, and some other goodies.

Stable Packages

This release covers Mono 4.0.1, and MonoDevelop 5.9. As promised last time, this includes builds for RPM-based x64 systems (CentOS 7 minimum), Debian-based x64, i386, ARMv5 Soft Float, and ARMv7 Hard Float systems (Debian 7/Ubuntu 12.04 minimum).

Version numbering

From now on, we’re going to be clearer with our version numbering scheme. Historically, we’ve shipped, say, “4.0.0” to the public – internally, there have been a lot of builds on this target branch, all of which get an internal revision number. “4.0.0” as-shipped was in fact internally – that was the first 4.0.0 branch release approved of for stable release.

This release is the first service release on the 4.0.0 branch, numbered – it’ll be officially referred to as “4.0.1” in some places, but isn’t the same as, which already released on Linux/Windows a while back, to include an emergency bugfix for those platforms.

That was sorta a screwup really. Using the 4-part version removes the ambiguity, rather than having 44 different “4.0.1”‘s in existence. And we’ll aim to be clearer in future about what is alpha, what is beta, and what is final (and what is a random emergency snapshot).

Alpha Linux packages

Want to see things earlier? We’ve now got the structure in place to provide Linux packages (and source releases) to mirror what we do on Mac. When we upload a prospective package to our Mac customers, we will automatically trigger builds for Linux too. See

Beta Linux packages

See above. s/alpha/beta/.

Weekly git Master snapshots

We already have packages in place for every git commit, which parallel-install Mono into /opt. This is different.

Weekly (or, right now, when I manually run the requisite Jenkins job), the latest Mac build of Mono git master from our internal CI system will be copied to a public location just for you, a source tarball generated, and packages built. See here for info on making use of that.
directhex@marceline:~$ mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version 4.3.0 (Nightly Thu May 28 10:54:32 UTC 2015)

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  1. Hi,

    I have been fighting the battle of supportign mono ppc (e500v2) and I have one open issue that I have no solution to.

    float a = 2.0;
    uint ui = (uint) a;

    ui after this ‘0’ instead of being ‘2’.

    Are you aware of this problem?

    I have noticed other people has this problem before:

    Please provide any insight to us that might help

    Mono James

  2. Please bring it to or the mailing list – we now have some PPC infrastructure so can at least reproduce issues, which is a major step towards fixing them.

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